The co-existence of humans and dogs

Humans and dogs have been a perfect team for as long as anyone can remember. A dog is a playfellow, best friend and last but not least the most loyal companion for its entire life. The Pillow Cake mission is to celebrate the deep friendship of human and dogs by creating the best and finest products for their shared homes. It is our credo that dogs and humans alike should not be content with less than the best.

Timeless classics and trendy individual pieces

The Pillow Cake collection includes products such as dog beds, dog travel beds, dog toys and other dog accessories. We try to interpret different themes and trends, so that dogs and their owners find his or her personal taste represented. The result are timeless classics supplemented by trendy and fashionable pieces and limited editions.

Handmade & Best quality

The selection of finest fabrics and high-quality materials is the basis for our work and gives all Pillow Cake products their unique charm. In our manufactory located south of Berlin we produce in small quantities and with a maximum attention to perfection. Each product is handcrafted individually and will only leave the manufactory after a stringent quality control. They are extremely durable and machine washable. Furthermore many Pillow Cake products display well thought-out details – for example for travelling or the possibility of storage. 

Maximilian Minkwitz, Co-Founder of Pillow Cake

It was during a conversation with his late mother that Maximilian Minkwitz got the idea for producing an exclusive collection of handmade dog accessories. Other manufacturers of dog beds & the likes had never been able to satisfy the family’s demands. Driven by a passion for perfection and years of family experience in the fashion world he decided to bring Pillow Cake to life. The basic values – exclusivity, quality and passion – are therefore an authentic part of what makes the brand and they are hallmarks of the company following the example of Mr. Minkwitz.