1. Manners of Shipment

Pillow Cake KG will send their products within Germany using DHL Paket, UPS Standard or UPS Express Saver and by courier service in the region of the City of Berlin. Thereby, the risks of transportation shall be on the shipper. Delivery in all other countries shall be performed using UPS Standard exclusively. Please note that deliveries on Saturdays will not be possible. Also please note that using packaging centers as delivery address cannot be accepted.

2. Duration of Shipment

The merchandise shall be ready for shipment on the day after the order has been placed. The delivery shall be made from the warehouse within 1 to 5 business days to the delivery address specified by you depending on the choice of the manner of shipment and the delivery location, to the extent not otherwise agreed upon with you. Any potential hindrances may, of course, result in delays of up to seven days.

3. Shipment Costs
Germany DHL Paket 0,00 € 2-5 workdays
Germany UPS Standard 0,00 € 2-5 workdays
Germany UPS Express Saver 25,00 € 1-2 workdays*
Austria UPS Standard 10,00 € 4-7 wordays
United Kingdom
Canada UPS Expedited 50,00 € 7-10 workdays


* For shipping costs to delivery sites inside of Germany and the European Union, a shipping price including value added tax is involved. The shipping prices for Canada, Norway, Switzerland and the USA are understood to be exclusive of value added tax.
** Delivery shall be made on the following business day by noon for orders received by noon between Mondays and Fridays (with the exception of legal holidays).

4. Shipments subject to Customs Fees

The time for delivery to countries requiring customs fees shall be two to four business days. We refer to the fact that we shall bear the costs for door-to-door delivery, the insurance of the merchandise and the costs of the accompanying documents. In this, import taxes as well as any customs duties that might arise shall be invoiced separately to the receiver by the delivery company (UPS). Please not that any potential foreign bank fees must be borne by you. The prices specified for the articles involve net prices for all deliveries to third countries.

Return Policy

As a consumer, you may cancel your order within 30 days after receipt of the merchandise and return the product ordered or exchange it for another size. Your cancellation does not require justification.

Please use the return documents attached to your delivery and approved by us. The use of the return documents is certainly not a requirement for the exercise of your right of cancellation. If you cannot assure return of the merchandise received in part or in an impaired state, you will have to compensate us for the value correspondingly. You will find our entire instructions regarding cancellation here.

We will immediately return the purchase price paid by you in advance upon receipt of your return. You will receive the compensatory amount depending on the form of payment to your PayPal account (PayPal) or to your credit card account (credit card).

Please contact our customer service department regarding question about return procedures:
Phone: +49 (0) 30 886 709 88, Email:

Please note that exchanges can only be made for the same article in another size, to the extent that such are available.

1. The returned merchandise must be sent to us in DHL or UPS packages. Please use the DHL or UPS return documents and freight documents found in the package for this purpose. Pillow Cake KG will pay the shipping costs for the return in this manner. Please also fill out the return and exchange forms and attach them to your return.

2. Depending the manner of shipment chosen, the DHL or UPS retrieval service will be available to you for the return.

2.1. Shipment by DHL Paket: For orders inside of Germany you may simply take your package to the nearest DHL Paketfiliale or Paketshop:

2.2. Shipment by UPS Standard or Express Saver: For orders inside of Germany and Europe with shipment by UPS Standard or UPS Express Saver you may simply take your package to the nearest UPS drop off location:

We will pay for the return shipment, if the terms indicated above have been complied with. Pillow Cake KG shall not be responsible for articles that have not been returned in the manner described above.