Pillow Cake KG, Kurfürstendamm 36, 10719 Berlin Germany (hereafter "Pillow Cake") takes the requirements of the Data Protection Act quite seriously and wants to ensure that your sphere of privacy as a user of the Pillow Cake offers will be protected. For this reason, Pillow Cake has issued a declaration of data protection, in which the treatment of your personal data is explained for customers of Pillow Cake. Pillow Cake retains the right to change the content of this declaration of data protection from time to time. For that reason, the declaration of data protection should be reviewed at periodic intervals for new knowledge.


Pillow Cake shall be obligated to comply with applicable data protection law, in particular the stipulations of the Bundesdatenschutzgesetzes (German data protection act, hereafter “BDSG”) as well as the Telemediengesetzes (German telecommunications act, hereafter “TMG”). Pillow Cake shall process and use your personal data only if you have presented your consent or a legal guideline permits the acquisition, processing or usage. Only that data will be process or used that is required for the performance of our services and the use of our web pages or data that you have freely shared with us.


Personal data is the individual entries about the personal or factual relationships of a specific or specifiable natural person (hereafter “Data”) per § 3, Paragraph 1 of the BDSG. Such shall include the following information about your person as depicted.


Pillow Cake shall acquire, process and use that data that you have shared with Pillow Cake only in the respectively required scope for the following purposes:

  • Offers from Pillow Cake: The data shall be acquired, processed and used for the fulfillment of the existing legal debt relationship between you and Pillow Cake and the services resulting thereof. In addition, Pillow Cake may process and use your data as necessary for purposes of the management of the user account and the processing of your orders as well as payment transactions. All credit card details are entered on an encrypted page using Secure Socket Layer. All data is processed by our secure Payment Service Provider and it is protected against the access of unauthorized parties.
  • Recommendations: Pillow Cake shall provide you the ability to recommend offers by transmitting your information by email to your friends. Pillow Cake shall not save your friends’ data.
  • Marketing Purposes: To the extent that you have agreed to the use of the data for such and have not withdrawn such, Pillow Cake shall send periodic information about the Pillow Cake products to you.
  • Customization of offers: Pillow Cake shall save Cookies on your PC (cp. Paragraph 5 ff regarding this) for the ideal design of offers.

In addition, Pillow Cake shall record technical data like the name of your Internet service provider, Internet browser, operating system, monitor resolution as well as information about the web pages that led you to the Pillow Cake web page, the number of dates of your visits, the average time spent at our site and the web sites visited by us. This existing data will be saved automatically. The evaluation shall be anonymized and used exclusively for statistical purposes with the objective of improving our web site for you.

Pillow may also save temporarily save your IP address for the assurance of effect access protection. IP addresses are sequences of numbers that server for addressing data packets on the Internet. In the event of misuse, the IP address of the queried pseudonym shall be save once during the initial login after complaint of misuse and then forwarded together with the usual personal data to the authorities responsible for tracking criminal activities. If the complaint of misuse should prove to not be based in fact, the saved IP address shall immediately be deleted.


Pillow Cake shall not provide your data to third parties, unless you have previously issued your express approval for such or such provision is legally permitted. We will not sell your personal data either to third parties or others. Transferal of personal information to state institutions and authorities is only done in the scope of stringent provisions. Our employees shall be obligated to non-disclosure and compliance with the guidelines for the protection of such data.


Pillow Cake will use cookies in order to be able to recognize you as a customer during your visit to the web site and as part of our services and in order to store technical data for the proper functioning of individual offers on your computer. A cookie is a text file that is stored on your computer and that makes analysis of your usage of the web site possible. Pillow Cake ultimately only saves session and serial numbers about your visit by means of these cookies.

If you should desire not to use cookies, you may block their use in your browser. Details will result from the instruction of your browser manufacturer. That important parts of our web site and the services provided there will not function properly cannot be excluded.


Pillow Cake will process and use your personal data (name and address) for marketing measures, namely sending email with general information or of a marketing nature (newsletters) based on a declaration of approval issued in individual cases to Pillow Cake.

You may revoke the declaration of approval issued to Pillow Cake at any time with effect for the future. In addition, you may revoke this usage, to the extent that we use your data for marketing measures for example in the legally permissible framework. An email to the following address shall suffice for the revocation in both cases. office@pillowcake.de


Your data will only be saved so long as such is required for the provision of our services and we are obligated to do so legally.


You have the right to receive information about your data saved by Pillow Cake free of charge. If your data should be stored incorrectly or illegally, we will gladly correct, block or delete such. We request that you immediately inform of us of any changes to your data. Please direct any requests for information, questions, complaints or suggestions to the following address:

Pillow Cake KG, Kurfürstendamm 36, 10719 Berlin